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Who I Am and What I Do

     Welcome to my page, Meraki Soul Centered Healing. I am honored for your presence and support.


     When I created my Sacred business, the Universe guided me to the word ¨Meraki.¨ It is pronounced may-rah-kee and means to do something with soul, creativity, or love; to put something of yourself into your work. This one word beautifully represents Meraki Soul Centered Healing. Being an energy healer is embedded in the blueprint of my soul and  I am answering this sacred call with authenticity and pure love.

      My name is Annie, I am a Registered Nurse and Holistic Energy Healer. I attended Monmouth University and obtained my Baccalaureate Degree in Public Health in 2009. Then I attended Seton Hall University and completed an accelerated Baccalaureate Nursing Degree in 2010. Even though I  am a dedicated and compassionate nurse, deep down I always knew there was something missing in my life. After experiencing devastation and heartache from losing two close loved ones in my life, I felt the need to begin my Spiritual journey of self healing. I found myself feeling extreme guilt, thinking there was more that I could do. I began to feel anxiety and then I spiraled into depression. I became an angry person who was easily triggered. I kept dwelling on the past and could not stay present, so there was difficulty maintaining peace in my life. 

     I knew that I could not continue vibrating at such a low frequency. I wanted to feel happy and be the best human possible for my family. I knew I had to begin my Spiritual Journey so that I could begin to heal. I wanted to discover who I was on the Soul level. Who is my true authentic self? How could I raise my vibrations and help shift the frequency on Earth? What can I do to create the life that I have always wanted? How could I learn to let go of what no longer serves me or things I have no control over? How do I forgive myself?


     I am grateful to have learned the following on my journey thus far: 1. View life from different lenses 2.Create boundaries 3. Do not play victim 4. Build a spiritual practice 5. Enjoy Solitude. 6. Do not take things personal 7. Be kind to myself 8. No is a complete sentence 9. Your intentions- be able to stand by all outcomes 10. Slow down and breathe, stop trying to rush. Enjoy the journey and thank the Universe for each opportunity to learn.


     I see, know, hear, and feel that the purpose of my life is to lead myself and others into freedom, purpose and fulfillment. I am led and supported daily in all that I do. I feel, own, and know my purpose, and I am living and enjoying it with grace and ease everyday. I am a kind and influential leader in my personal life and in leading others into their purpose, gifts, and personal freedom. I am here to be a vehicle of Love and Divine inspiration.

-Usui Reiki Level 1 training in 2022

-Angelic Reiki Level 1 & 2 training in 2022

-Crystal and Chakra Healer Program Graduate 2022

-Clinically  Trained to perform Cupping Services 

-Spiritual Coaching Certification in 2022

-20 hours of Yin Yoga Anatomy, Philosophy, and Teaching Methodology in 2023 

-Registered Nurse, BSN- Seton Hall University 2010


      Thank you again for visiting my page and showing support. Love and Light always. Namaste.


Offered Services:

Angelic Reiki

Spiritual Life Coach 

Crystal Therapy/Chakra Balancing


Yin Yoga

-(20 hour Yin Anatomy, Philosophy, Teaching Methodology)


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meet shawnee

    Breath coaching + Intentional Movement. Weeks before the 2020 pandemic ensued, Shawnee graduated from Tula’s 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program, in July 2020 she continued training during the pandemic and accomplished her 35 hour Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training, as well as her 500 hour certified yoga teacher training in the summer of 2022. She completed in person comprehensive courses in sound therapy, reiki, and yoga teacher mentoring as an extension to her firsthand experiences and knowledge. Shawnee believes all bodies are able bodied when it comes to Yoga! 


    This humorous faithful mom of three, wife, and friend to all has worked the three years prior to the pandemic leading full body boot camp styled stroller fitness classes to participants in their prenatal, pregnant, and post pregnancy phases of life while having two more children, experiencing a move, while fulfilling a full-time college schedule in nursing. As an advocate for preventive health and holistic-focused health, she left nursing behind to following her path and dreams of becoming her own boss as a wellness business owner. With big dreams in the making, SJ is a motivating force looking to cultivate a community where love, health, and connection with others is at the heart of her practice and teachings.  She runs partner yoga workshops to help share her love for the yoga practice in hopes that couples and friends alike can experience two bodies in alignment at the same time. 


    Breath work, meditation, and mindset work helped Shawnee achieve two unmedicated, hospital free births (after her first, a c-section at age 22) along side her husband who helped birth them! If you have a heart beat and ability to breath.. she believes you can be your own best advocate and gain ability to self heal!


   With her passion for all things health and fitness, this strong powerful beauty holds the ability to transmute and transform. As an empath and highly spiritually in-tune teacher, it is her highest honor to help others in this journey of ‘life’.


     Shawnee invites your to open yourself to the possibilities of gaining more inner confidence, making a sanctuary of your mind, and instilling perseverance of heart, all while reconnecting to Self. It is time to start your guided journey today! She is committed to her students and takes notice to their well-being while on and off their mat.
Om Shanti Shanti Shanti



Offered Services:

Breath Coach
find a breathing practice right

for your lifestyle + needs
1:1 Yoga Guidance Prenatal 35hr cyt

-conceiving, prenatal + postnatal

Meditation Guide

learn about meditation, have demonstration,

1:1 guidance and support in your practice

Group Yoga or 1:1 Yoga
-inquiry about special occasions

-partner yoga

-chair yoga

-post-injury mobility support
-build a practice from scratch

Fitness Program + Accountability Coaching

-coaching for goal-specific oriented people


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Meraki´s Mission

     We were blessed with the healing energies to restore the health of our clients and improve their lives through alternative treatments. We are dedicated Holistic Healers who would like to shift the vibrations on Mother Earth through acts of service. Our hope is that others may become inspired to show more love and kindness to raise the vibrations on Earth alongside us.  Our ultimate goal is to heal, but also to teach our clients a holistic approach to their own health, so they can heal themselves. Get in touch to find out what we can offer you.

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