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Semicircle of Crystals

Spiritual Life Coaching

Who are you on the SOUL level? Have you set an intention to start your journey?

  • 24 hours
  • Manalapan, NJ

Service Description

As a Spiritual Life Coach, I help you identify where you are at, whatś not working, what needs to be adjusted, where you want to go and how to get there. As a Coach I take a more Holistic approach, I go deeper, I help you understand hidden patterns, hidden intentions of the soul, things we are meant to overcome in a lifetime, things that have been brought into form so that you can step into different versions of ourselves. As a Spiritual Coach I am here to help you see those layers, go deeper into that understanding, and find those deeper things that impact your progress, not just the superficial. I help you make lasting change and transform the inside in such a way that you can move forward in life without things holding you back. As you create alignment in your life, you are able to step more into knowing yourself, you can better connect with your soul, and understand your soulś purpose. In turn, you will be able to lead yourself and others in life to make a bigger impact and imprint on this Earth. I help you embody an understanding that you are not just a physical body, more than just a name given, more than just a person. You are soul and spirit with gifts within you that you can tap into so you can work with this world to create and manifest in different ways. A sense of deep fulfillment will be achieved because you are able to make a bigger impact in this world by making a lasting imprint in those that you encounter. The holistic approach to coaching will address the following: -Self/Self Worth (You have energy within you that you can work and move into alignment so you can feel more peaceful, more connected, and more in a place of ease.) -Mindset (Our mindset is a gateway and you are the gatekeepers. Your mindset allows you to protect, guard, and guide your movements forward.) -Physical (Different energy moves through our bodies. How can we engage with the energy? How can we use it to create and to heal? How can we use it to bring more clarity to receive guidance? How can we use that energy to put out intentions that can help us create certain things in our reality?) -Emotional (We are not meant to be reactive to the circumstances that show up in our life but that we are able to be responsive. As your Coach, I will help you understand how to bring balance to this aspect.) -Spiritual (Learn to tap into the soul awareness so that life can change drastically for the better.) With Love and Light- Namaste!

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