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2024 Earth, Wind, & Fire

A Self-Love Retreat


Join Us for an Immersive Experience!

A retreat can be an awakening moment and allows us to step away from our daily responsibilities and. A spiritual retreat serves as a sanctuary for your soul and may nourish your spirit with wisdom and serenity. The peace and solitude provides a chance for you to get away — to take time to reflect, refresh, and renew.

During this retreat, you'll be surrounded by nature, away from noise and distraction. Everything is planned out for you so that you only focus on your well-being. You will have experienced practitioners that will guide you through unique spiritual practices to help you calm your mind and nourish your soul.

There are many benefits you can get out of a spiritual retreat. You'll feel more positive, compassionate, and with an improved sense of self-worth after the retreat. You'll also find deep relaxation which leads to more productivity and motivation in your life.

Throughout the retreat, you will enjoy ceremonies in a safe space with individualized attention from the healers. Take a journey of holistic self-discovery and deep healing.

Secure Your Spot

​Message Annie at or call/text her at (732) 685-8547 to reserve your spot! A 25% deposit is required in order to secure your space.

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